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Posted by Miamasvin(ip:)

Date 2018-11-07

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Even if two women are the same size, their looks with the same clothing might be totally different due to their body structures. Therefore, writing your exact body sizes will help other customers.


You will get credits only one time for an order regardless of the amount of your purchase.

However, if your purchases are over 260 dollars and you write reviews with photos for each product you bought, we will give you credits up to 4 dollars.

Even though you bought the products under one order number, writing reviews for each product will be able to accumulate more credits.

( In case you add more products to your existing order, they will be handled under the same order number.)


You cannot get credits in the case of that:

-       the review is insincere consisting of just 1 or 2 lines. (To acquire credits, the review must have at least 5 lines.)

-       the overall article slanders the products or shopping mall or causes serious problem in selling the product.

-       the attached photo is not clear enough to recognize the product. (In this case, you will get only 0.8 dollar credit same as writing review without a photo.)

-       the product was on sale or being sold in an event.

-       the product was purchased with the accumulated credits, discount coupon, event coupon, or etc. (excluding the return credits)

-       the product cost under 17 dollars.

-       the writer’s name is different from the buyer’s name.

-       you ordered the product as a non-member.

-       the attached photo doesn’t show you are putting on the product or using it. (In this case, you will get only 0.8 dollar credit same as writing review without a photo.)


If you are selected as a review queen of the week, you will get only the review queen credits.


l  Review & Photo with you putting a product (multiple photos with the total products over 260 dollars) : 1 ~ 3 dollar credits

l  Review only : 1 dollar (for accessories, it will be 0.4 dollars)


To confirm your identity, you must log in to the shopping mall site and write a review.


Thank you for visiting Miamasvin, always be happy with us.


For further inquiries or complaints, please leave a message on our Q&A board.



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